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Who are you?

Who are you? A simple question with a simple answer. When you meet someone for the first time they will ask you this question and you will reply with the answer, which is, of course, your name, for example, I am Ivor Biggun. But that is not really who you are, it is just the name selected for you by your parents when you were born, possibly even out of a bloody baby name book, a popular method let me tell you. My name was already chosen before my birth I was informed later in life. My name was Helen, they obviously didn't get the memo about the ultrasound appointment, although in fairness it was pretty new back then. So names aside, who are you really? and who the fuck am I? and who the fuck are they?

Now there are many many avenues we could take from here on the discussion of who are you, who am I, who are we and what the fuck are we all doing here. It could get super deep and spiritual, it could get religious, it could even get all Ancient Aliens. But those conversations are best kept for drunken nights by the fire pit when you are staring at the stars and not worrying about getting up for work the next day. My absolute favourite kind of night in/out personally, in fact, there are some interesting theories actually why that is which I will endeavour to post about one day.

So if I am not going to get all spiritual and shit, what am I gonna get? Well, I am gonna get all Biological, because, from a certain standpoint, that is all we are, a walking mass of biological cellular structures all bound together via several immensely complicated separate but synergistic inter-woven systems, phew, that was fucking mouthful.

If you cast your mind back to school, in the Biology lesson you would have learned about some of these different systems, you might have had a lesson on the respiratory system, on the cardiovascular system, possibly the lymphatic system and probably the nervous system. You would have also learned about the structure of cells, remember? the nucleus, the chromosomes blah blah blah, yeah, I know, you forgot that shit the minute you left the classroom, however, you may pay more attention now as an adult when you understand the significance of these cells to your current health status, after all, as mentioned earlier, you are nothing but a big mass of cells all working together, and there are between 30 to 40 fucking trillion of the tiny tots, let's just see that in numerical for a laugh shall we? 30,000,000,000,000 to 40,000,000,000,000. Holy fucking shit stains batman!

Writing all this has reminded me of the biology lessons we had back in secondary school, and the game we used to play teaching ourselves the basics. Let me tell you about it.

I must have been about 12 years old. The game was called 'Nervous' and if you have never heard of it then let me enlighten you. Sitting at the back of the class with all the other no-good reprobates, a mixed group of boys and girls would start playing this to take their minds off the utter gobbledegook that was coming out of the teacher's mouth. The game was simple and was played between a boy and a girl taking it in turns to place one hand on the other one's body, usually down by the shin area as we were playing this in class and had to be all subtle and stuff, then you would ask 'are you Nervous?' if the reply was 'no' then you would move your hand further up the leg to perhaps the knee, and then ask again, this would continue until they said "Nervous" and then you would win. As you can imagine at that age, there were many an occasion where either player would not say "Nervous" and you would end up staring into the eyes of your opponent whilst they had the palm of their hand firmly cupping your nether regions. Great fun at the time, although seriously frowned upon these days by those fucking over-sensitive wrap you up in cotton wool kind of parents. Looking back I suppose there were good and bad points to the game, the good points being, for male and female, is that we all started to realise that our 'dingly-dangly protruding flappy bits and bob's ' were not just for pissing with, and the bad points were that we all failed biology. Yeah, that's a joke, we didn't give a shit about Biology back then. I do now though.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Some people have taken the game Nervous into adulthood, I've heard they play it as an ice breaker for the newbies at the local swingers association. That sounds fair enough, but please do not play it whilst driving the car like this silly bugger in the pic below ok, it's downright dangerous. By the way, you can't see her opponent because they are playing the adult version where you use your tongue instead of your hand.

Say 'Nervous' FFS Luv before you crash the bloody Audi.

Let's get back on track, Biology, or more specifically Human Biology. What has your biology got to do with your health? absolutely every fucking thing. If every single cell in your body was working as intended and at an optimal level, there would be no illness and there would be no disease, but how many of us have a disease? how many of us are ill on a regular basis? Too fucking many that's how many, and it is getting worse by the decade. This is a fact I have realised in my studies, the health of the average human now is pretty fucking shockingly shit, and you do not need to look up statistics, population data or studies, just look out the bloody window. Obesity and diabetes are at epidemic proportions in this country, and we have access to some of the best medical care in the world. But do we want 'Care'? or do we want 'Cure'? this is a very important suggestion to consider. If you do ponder that for a minute and come to the conclusion that it is better to Cure than Care, then the next thought process is should we look for a synthetic cure or a natural cure? The present system is heavily swayed toward the pharmaceutical system, where we are all desperately waiting for the next magic pill that will solve all our problems, how is that working out for us do you think?

Let's go back to the beginning of the post, you are a mass of cells, these cells require nutrients to live and prosper. Over the last 2.5 million years of human evolution, those nutrients have come from animal and plant matter. Pretty straight forward and the anthropological records show this as you would expect, now if you are thinking Cows and Cabbage, you would be wrong. When they say animals they mean all animals, from crawling critters to marauding mammoths, we were not choosy back then, if we could catch it and kill it, we would fucking eat it, likewise when they say plants, they mean anything that grows out of the ground that we can get our hands-on. So considering that this is how we evolved into the 'Head Honchos' of the planet, for the majority of time with extremely little to no disease, then surely this way of eating would be the cure for our current unhealthy situation?

Well, I think it would certainly seem like a sensible starting point, without going into details here of the other aspects of modern life that are fucking us up, let's just stick to the cells and nutrition scenario in this post. Before you read the next paragraph, I do understand that the food available now is a far cry from our ancient ancestors, so take it in the context that I mean grass-fed animals and organic pesticide-free plants, just in case you are a fucking smart arse and purposely trying to nitpick.

When our cells do not get the nutrients that they have evolutionary evolved to use, they start playing up, and that is when shit starts going sideways. The thing is this, these cells are so small individually that you don't realise what's going on, only after perhaps many years of Cell Abuse when many many other cells have also been affected, then, collectively, they are a force to be reckoned with. This is when illness and disease raise their heads. This is when the little nutrient-starved buggers start to show you who is boss. Believe me, they control who you are and how you behave in ways we are only just discovering. Gut Microbiome to Brain Connection anyone? The gut can send signals to the Brain, yeah I know, WTF, more on this one day, but let's keep it simple for now.

So if you don't feed your cells correctly, they can't function properly, you then start to malfunction from the inside out, and it's a slippery slope to a lifetime of medication and Pill Poppin for the next fuck knows how long.

At this point, I can imagine that some of you are pondering the fact that your friend who was as fit as fuck came down with some life-threatening disease or you are thinking of that poor kiddy on chemo. Both were fit and healthy and in no way could have been mistreating themselves. I get that, life can be cruel and some unfortunate souls will come to an early demise through absolutely no fault of their own, hereditary genetics, defective genes etc. It is sad, it is unfair, it is unexplainable and we have to live with it.

But what about the rest of us? The percentage of the population are born healthy, and as we journey through life we generally become sicker and sicker as we age. This has now become the norm hasn't it, how many people do you know who have died peacefully in their sleep of old age? I hazard a guess at zero. Now how many of you know someone who has ended up in a nursing home not knowing who you are when you visit and is being spoon-fed and arse wiped by a complete fucking stranger? All of you.

Change needs to happen or our future looks pretty fucking dim. That change starts with us all individually taking responsibility for our own health, eating as naturally as possible, feeding our cells what they need (Hint: Its vitamins and minerals and not processed food) along with the open-mindedness to rethink 'The pill for every ill' mentality that is so prevalent in our society. This is all easier said than done, but it can be done, and people all over the world are slowly but surely returning to good health by thinking outside the conventional box of wisdom. Which by the way, is not conventional at all when you put it into the evolutionary perspective of a couple of million years. Just think about that one.

Times up folks, I ran over a bit this time but thanks for reading, don't forget the music video below, finish off the experience with a bit of Classic Rock why don't you.


Primal Health Coach.

"Be Happy, Be Healthy"

"Live Long, Drop Dead"

One of the greatest bands of all time, no doubt about it. This video is sheer class, it looks like it's gonna be your normal boring studio filmed kind of thing, but I think it is much more than that, the picture quality for starters is amazing, this was filmed in 1978 FFS. For me, it is the genuine interaction of the band members, the friendship at the time shines through and it looks like they are having a ball. The drummer Keith Moon's facial expressions are pure passion and hysterical at the same time, the gaffer tape wrapped around his head holding his headphones in place tells you all you need to know about how much enthusiasm he puts into his drumming. Watch, listen and enjoy one of The Who's greatest hits.

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