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Tony Hart Attack?

I used to love watching 'HartBeat' it was the art program for kids back in the '80s, as the youngsters of today might say, it was "class".

Tony Hart, the main man, was softly spoken with a mesmerising mannerism that just had you hooked, plus the show had that bit in the middle that lasted only a few minutes, the bit that we were all really waiting for, that's right, the MORPH segment. After searching YouTube for about 12 fucking hours I finally came across an appropriate Morph video to add to the blog, it's at the end as usual, but don't go there just yet, because we have some important shit to sort out.

This post is a little bit about 'The Heart' and a little bit about 'The Hart', let's start with the latter, shall we?

The Hart

Tony Hart was born in 1925, worked hard all his life, and died in 2009 peacefully in his sleep.

He was active on TV from 1951 through to 2001, 50 years in the business, finally giving up work around 76 years of age to then go and enjoy a well-deserved retirement plan.

That sounds fucking great, BUT, In 2006 it was announced he was in poor health, and in 2009 it was revealed that he had suffered two strokes, not sure when, but it could have been anytime between 2001 & 2006. So somewhere in the first 5 years of retirement, the poor bugger suffered not one, but two strokes and these basically left both his arms paralyzed to the degree that he could not pick up a pencil and draw, that's fucking harsh, the one thing he loved doing taken away in a fucking 'HartBeat' (Sorry...I know).

On his inability to draw he is quoted as saying.

"The greatest cross I have to bear".

You can imagine can't you, still functioning to a certain degree, but unable to do the things you love, it is no surprise that he passed away a few short years later, he probably gave up the will to fucking live.

R.I.P Tony Hart (1925-2009)

The Heart

OK lads, let's get into this bad boy.

You all know where your heart is yeah? It's that thing in your chest that seems to pulsate that little bit faster when you clock the arse of that fit bird bending over to get her smoothie from the bottom of the office fridge. It pumps blood and nutrients all around the body every waking and sleeping minute of your life, has done since you were born and will continue to do so until you draw your last breath. It's pretty fucking important I'm sure you'll agree, and we have to look after it the best we can. You can live with one lung, you can live with one kidney, one leg, one arm, even one bollock, but you can't live without a Heart (unless your Tony Bennet, who left his in fucking San Francisco, the twat).

This is the Million Dollar Question.

"how do you keep your heart healthy?"

Now, this is where it all gets a little fucked up, or rather, a lot fucked up.

Let's take a look at a few examples of places your average working-class bloke would look for an answer to this question, given that he on his fag break and only has ten minutes.

  • Google

  • YouTube

  • NHS Website

  • The British Heart Foundation Website

  • All of the above, fuck the 10 mins

To put this question into a bit of a context, if you googled it, you get one billion three hundred and fifty million results (1,350,000,000), that's fucking huge, its obviously still on peoples minds even though we've all been eating heart-healthy foods like cereals and whole-grains (or so they say) for the last 40 years. While I was googling that for this post, something popped into my head, so I googled that as well, it was this "is smoking bad for you", now I genuinely thought this would be a very low number of search results, as we all know the risks of smoking, it been proved, there's no denying it, right? There were seven hundred and seventy-three million (773,000,000) search results. WTF!, That surprised me.

But it proves that people are googling their health, the problem is the sheer quantity of information and then trying to sift through it all and find a definitive answer. This is pretty much what I do and have been doing for the last 6 years, it's no easy task.

Let's get back to 'The Heart' and that million-dollar question.

"How to keep your heart healthy"

The search results are all over the shop. The usual suspects are there of course.

  • Lose weight

  • Exercise

  • Quit smoking

  • Cut down on Alcohol

  • Lower blood pressure

  • Lower cholesterol

  • Cut back on saturated fat

Yeah, we know all this already, it's been touted for years, so why are there still significant amounts of heart attack and stroke cases? Is this advice wrong? Or is it right and people are just not listening? The latest science suggests that it's not as straightforward as we have been led to believe, what a fucking surprise.

This is my take on it. It's a bit of both. Some of the advice is definitely skewed, and there are folks who just don't give a shit. For those of you that do, this is my advice.

  • Avoid industrial seed oils

  • Avoid processed food

  • Eat Animals

  • Eat veggies and greens

  • Limit fruit

  • Get plenty of sunlight

  • Get plenty of sleep

  • Learn to manage stress effectively

  • Lift heavy weights

  • Emphasize moderate daily movement

"Why do you advise this?" I sense you thinking in that brain of yours. I will be explaining each of the above in future posts, but I am trying to keep these posts short and sweet, and it's dragging on a bit now, don't you think? Anyway, doing those things on that list is pretty much how I live my life, with the occasional party fest of Cigarettes & Alcohol, because I'm normal, I'm working class, I've got a life and am not a total freak.

These are my results of this lifestyle.

  • I'm now at a healthy weight

  • My blood pressure is 120/80

  • My glucose levels are normal

  • My cholesterol is normal

  • I have Healthy looking skin

  • I sleep like a baby

  • My resting heart rate is low

  • I wake every morning with a stiffy

The point is, of course, I was the opposite of all of the above for many many years. These results didn't happen overnight and they didn't happen following the conventional advice that is floating around the interweb and government guidelines. Eg. Eat low-fat foods, count your calories and exercise your fucking arse off. You don't have to work it all out, you just have to trust me, which takes time I understand, but trust me you must if you truly want to become Heart healthy.

See you in the next post, We will get there in the end lads.

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