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The Mission for Men's Health

In this day and age, with wonderful medicine, tremendous technology and scientific breakthroughs. Not to mention a gym around every corner, countless health & fitness guru's and as much food as we desire 24/7. You'd think that we Modern Men would be happy & content, at a healthy weight, fit & strong with boundless energy.

Remember the days when you could go out on the piss all night, get home late and play tonsil tennis with the Mrs for a while then get up in the morning without a care in the world, be fine at work all the next day, and then go do it all over again, and most of us would even fit a Ruby Murray into the mix as well (Curry, for the uninitiated).

Hey, it was fun while it lasted and I wouldn't have it any other way.

But what about now? Still got the energy? Youthfulness? The 'will' to fucking live?

Maybe, maybe not. When I look around at other men roughly my own age, I see that many of them seem to be overweight, overworked, exhausted and possibly even a little depressed. Not good lads is it.

That is how I felt in this photo, trying to push a little smile through those chubby little cheeks.

But seriously. Over the last couple of years, I have had friends, and friends of friends who have had unexpected heart attacks and died on the spot, and a work colleague committed suicide.

So what the fuck is going on?

These guys were not in their 70's,80's,90's, they were all around my age of 49, give or take a year or two either side.

PLUS they were not all overweight.

Don't picture these poor guys as severely obese or driving around on fucking mobility scooters, they weren't, they seemed pretty healthy on the outside, had steady jobs, wives & kids etc.

So what the fuck happened?

Who knows for certain, everybody has their problems, be it mental stress, metabolic health conditions, weight issues of the beer belly kind or many other numerous Modern Problems that we all face day in day out. The one thing I know for certain is that this seems to be happening more frequently as the years go by, Modern Men around their 50's leaving us way before they should. FACT.

If that's not bad enough, I fear for the young men coming up the ranks. If our generation is folding in mid-life, will it be worse for those buggers? MAYBE?

Most of us now in our 40's & 50's used to walk to school, or ride our bikes. Walk home from school, have a little grub and go straight out to play, maybe even try our luck with the girls down the local park.

We certainly weren't sat alone in our bedrooms all night (and into the morning) playing the latest video games. If the youngsters of today don't start getting out and about a bit I fear that by the time they reach middle age they will be completely fucked.

I don't fancy keeling over on my way to the bog for a shit, in the shower or on the fucking night bus home. Perhaps I could live with that if I was nearer 95 yrs old, but fucking 50!!!!

No thank you very much.

So what the fuck are we gonna do about it?

After deciding to look into this a few years ago, It led me on a journey of Investigation, which by the way, seems is never fucking ending. Let me tell you something. There is some shocking shit around if you look under the bonnet. Things you believe to be true (because everyone says so) but are not. I'm not gonna go too deep now as this post is just to explain the Mission, but I will be covering many myths in future posts.

But here's a few examples of what I'm talking about. 'Saturated Fat is the Devils work and should be banished from the fucking land'. 'Cholesterol is a piece of shit molecular mother fucker and should not be consumed'. 'Low-fat diets are the best thing since sliced bread' and 'Eating 6 to 8 small meals every day will prevent weight gain and stop your body from eating away at your friggin muscle mass'

That's just skimming the surface of the kind of shit we think is absolutely true, because, well, it's what we've all been told and everyone now just knows. Bollocks, all of it.

This is the struggle, some things are now so ingrained in society, that to even question any of it makes you out as some kind of weirdo fucking fruitcake. Guess what, I'm a weirdo Fucking Fruitcake. So I don't follow the general advice, I don't follow the Government Eat Well guidelines, and I certainly don't listen to that mad fucker at the pub banging on about Veganism.

I do my own research, and now, I'm healthier, slimmer, and A fucking lot happier.

PS. my sense of humour is back to.

So to get back to the issue, us lads need to be extra vigilant when it comes to our health. I am trying to do my bit, here on this Blog. Giving my take on all sorts of topics affecting us working men today.

Which leads me to…

The Mission

To supply much-needed information to the Modern Working Men of the world, to help them navigate a Healthier Lifestyle (which believe me, is easier said than done these days) and not to become another statistic on the death toll before their time.

That's if anyone actually gives a fuck.

Thanks for reading lads, Please leave a comment or question below.

What are your thoughts on the situation?


Primal Health Coach.

"Be Happy, Be Healthy"

"Live Long, Drop Dead"

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