Ray of Light


Take your journey a little further after your level 1 success.


With the fundamentals under your belt, you are now in a great position to add a few more lifestyle hacks to complement your level 1 knowledge and to take your progress even further. Everything we accomplished at level 1 still stands, you will continue with that strategy. We will now add sessions that include how the quality of our sleep affects everything we do, how everyday stress impacts our biology, and how to counteract those stresses.


Understand the required Sun exposure and Vitamin D levels for good health, and how to get more safely. Why sitting is the new smoking, key concepts for general everyday movement. We will also add a little more exercise, after level 1 you will actually feel like doing a bit more as your energy levels rise.

Level 2 - Schedule.

An additional 2 weeks are required to cement these new strategies. They will make a massive difference to overall success.


Weeks 9 & 10

2 x Personal Coaching Sessions Approx. 60 -90 mins.

Optimum Sleep environment and durations - Optimise Sun Exposure/Vitamin D - Stress management 

Sitting is the new smoking



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