well, sort of.

I don't have my own shop of course, far too busy for that, so what I've done is put a few products etc on this page for you to peruse, I have either purchased them myself and find them helpful on my health quest or I have researched them and am currently saving up to get them.

They are mainly Amazon links, which let's face it is just so bloody convenient, I do get a small commission, very small actually but that's not why I am doing this, it was just easier to open an account and keep everything I wanted to show you in one place. 

If you are buying supplements from PRP don't forget to use the code PRIMALNEIL-10%OFF, and not just on your first order, you can use it on every order going forward. Just copy and paste the code in bold above.


Use these, not the cheap stuff

and feel the difference.

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Immune support