Fix your Metabolism.
Lose the Beer Belly.

Feel Better.

Live Longer.

Why is weight loss such

a big issue in modern society?

Why does every dinner party,

evening out or social occasion

end up discussing what diet everyone's on,

what diet they have tried in the past

and what diet they are currently trying?

These conversations seem endless,

with so much confusion and difference of opinions

with no definitive answer,

and everybody ends up back at square one.

You may try certain diets for a while,

but I bet you ten to the dozen

you end back up where you started,

only slightly more confused

and definitely more pissed off.

In the end, one thing is crystal clear...…

no one agrees on everything when it comes to

the optimum diet for us Modern Men.

I have an Eating and Lifestyle Strategy

that really works,

I know,

I have been personally implementing it for years.

By the way.....

I'm not a Vegan.

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Check-out my blog,

(not for the easily offended, men only)

where I occasionally write short

and hopefully interesting bits & bobs

about Modern Mans fight for survival. 


Check out my

Primal Process Program,

and let me guide you through the labyrinth

of Modern Men's Health. 

The obligatory Then and Now Photos

Sick & Tired to Healthy & Vibrant.

NO gym membership

NO starvation, NO calorie counting

NO jogging.

Your genetics want you to be healthy, it is your evolutionary birthright

to be a fit and healthy human being.

We've just got a little lost along the way,

let's change that, shall we? 


Making the first step towards change

is often the hardest thing to do.


I am an experienced Primal Health Coach

who can guide you to a

leaner, fitter and healthier you.

I am extremely passionate about what I do.


By providing clients with the

right tools and knowledge,

I have helped them to unleash their potential,

paving the way towards personal goals

and sustainable success with their

weight loss and general health.

This is all achieved with straight-talking,

no-nonsense approaches to

eating & exercise,

explaining the principals of

How your body can burn fat

as its

Primary Fuel Source.


My aim is not to baffle you with

biological & scientific jargon,

but to put the fundamental facts,

into easy to understand everyday language

that you just get. 

Through confidential one to one coaching,

eg. phone or Skype (ATM),

I will guide you through the principles of

Biologically Burning off Excess Fat,

without having to go crazy in the gym

or jogging up and down the street,

and to put the icing on the cake,

Steak and Chips are most definitely on the menu.

The biggest reason to work with me is that

I have been there and done it.

I know how your feeling if you are

overweight and struggling,

I can guide through the

highs and lows of lifestyle change,

Hey, sometimes its a breeze and then out of nowhere

you hit a thunderstorm,

there is light at the end of the tunnel,

I will get you there.


What They’re Saying

In simple terms, it was explained how my lifestyle choices were affecting my biology and hindering my weight loss, no matter what I tried.

The coaching and motivation I received made a big difference to my day to day wellbeing. highly recommend.

A Reilly

I did the Primal Process Program level 1, which was only 8 weeks so I thought I would give it a go, very impressed with Neil my coach, very knowledgeable and put things across in an easy to understand way, I lost one stone before the program had even finished and felt better than I have in a long time. Going forward, I now have the knowledge to make better lifestyle choices and I understand the reasons why.

C Rumbelow

This stuff really works, I was kept motivated during the process, nothing was too much trouble, no question too big or small, helped me get back in shape in next to no time.


C Evans


In 2010, I was overweight,

lethargic, depressed and felt like crap.

Looking at a photo of myself,

I realised that I was on a slippery slope

of continual weight gain and bad health. 

Enough was enough

and I decided then and there to do something about it.


Over the course of the next 5 years,

I started jogging (which I hated),

joined various gyms to lift weights

and jog indoors on a machine

(which I hated even more than jogging outdoors),

and guess what happened?


That's right.....Not much.

No weight loss, No new zest for life 

No newfound confidence,

in fact,

I just got tired and frustrated

as the years went on.


Sound familiar?

Probably, this is a reoccurring pattern. 


You are overweight

You feel like shit

You Join A Gym

You Start Jogging (Trudging) the streets

You try some sort of Diet



You STOP going to the Gym

You Definitely STOP Jogging

(I personally hate jogging)

You ditch the Diet 

(Because it makes you Miserable & Irritable)

You MAY have lost a little weight

You still feel like shit 

You put on even more weight


In 2015 I found how

to lose weight without sacrifice.

It was a revelation, it made perfect sense

and it was sustainable.

Plus, I felt alive again.


No gym membership

No jogging

Not counting any calories

No silly points system

And all the other crap

I guess that after reading that

you are probably thinking...

That sounds too good to be true,

so it probably isn't.


I get it,

that was me also,

but I have been

walking the talk ever since.

I was so impressed with the benefits

I decided to dig deep into

the science behind it,

become a Coach and start a

personalised business to help others.  

In 2017 R.Evolution Health UK was founded,

and with the Primal Process Program,

I started on the journey to help other

Modern Men

lose that Excess Weight

and take back control of their Health. 

So through expert advice,

personal experience

and proactive coaching,

you’ll soon be excelling in a way

you never thought possible.